Health Fairs

The Pacific Health Coalition sponsors Health Fairs throughout the state of Alaska and Washington every year. These events give plan participants easy access to preventive care services and low-cost health screening tests, including flu shots, blood screening, prostate-specific antigen testing, thyroid testing and other preventive care services.

Here's what Member Health Plans and their participants are saying...

“Most immediately, the individual participants covered by each member health plan save the cost of getting these services in their doctors’ offices, which reduces the amount the health plans have to pay out in claims costs," according to the Pacific Health Coalition Board member Randy Scott, Labor Trustee, Seattle Area Plumbers and Pipefitters Health and Welfare Trust.

"The Health Fairs were what initially attracted the union’s attention. Getting their own blood test and screening results or a flu shot at the Fairs lets people take their health care into their own hands. We also saw some pretty immediate savings when people didn’t have to go back and forth to the doctor’s office. The cost savings and health awareness will only get better with more people attending,” said Rob Peterson, vice president of Local 302 Alaska and Washington and Trustee of Local 302/612 Health and Welfare Trust.

Nora Dale, an adult probation and parole officer with the State of Alaska and an ASEA member attended the Ketchikan health fair. “It was extremely well-organized. I went from one station to the next and got everything done—boom, boom, boom—no waiting, no worrying,” she said. “The people drawing blood and giving flu shots were very personable, friendly, and professional. The Health Fair was a good opportunity for me to do a self-check and get a feel for how well I’ve been following my doctor’s orders, without having to go in to the office,” Dale said. “Now that I have my results, I’m eager to share them with my doctor.”

The Pacific Health Coalition pays for all Health Fair set-up costs and funds the cost of the flu shots. Health fairs also save money for member health plans by promoting preventive care to reduce future claims expenses.

To learn more about participating in the annual Health Fairs for your employees, download our program sheet or contact PHC at (907) 474-4226 or (888) 474-4226.