Benefits of


By joining together , our member health plans gain the power to negotiate better coverage and better prices from service providers. This allows our members to lower health care costs for their own plan participants. Member health plans may use all or just a few of the Pacific Health Coalition’s programs and services, taking advantage of those that best fit their needs to make the most of their health care budget.

Save Money

The Pacific Health Coalition negotiates service contracts for member health plans, reducing annual health care costs for many members by more than $1,200 per employee. Because of the large size of the Pacific Health Coalition group, we are able to obtain better pricing than an individual health plan could achieve on its own. After negotiating an agreement, the Coalition then monitors results to achieve the best possible savings and provide the best service for member plans and their participants.

Access High Quality Services

The Pacific Health Coalition continuously works with well-known service providers to develop and add program options. We participate in a ‘Coalition of Coalitions’ to take advantage of programs negotiated by other groups. Because of our size, our service providers devote more time and resources to our group’s needs. The Coalition also helps research new programs and addresses service issues, reducing administrative costs.

Benefit from Member-Driven Philosophy

The Pacific Health Coalition exists solely to benefit our member health plans – it is run by and for members. We are governed by a Board of Directors comprised of two representatives from each member health plan. This structure gives members more control and allows you to stay informed about current programs and services as well as provide input on future endeavors. Plus, the Coalition offers a forum for members to share information about common problems. In today’s complex health care environment, it can be invaluable to learn about the best practices of other organizations.